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Virgil Whitelaw: Forensic Accountant in Space

With our debut accounting eBook series, Virgil Whitelaw: Forensic Accountant in Space, Accounting Boot Camp has changed the way that people are learning the basics of accounting. By presenting CPA level concepts in an exciting, story-driven format, these introduction to accounting eBooks will make it easy to understand accounting topics for beginners such as income statements, balance sheets and cash flows. Join Virgil Whitelaw on an interplanetary adventure filled with talking robots, scheming CFOs, and love potion manufacturers. By the end, we promise you'll agree that learning accounting can actually be fun. Buy the complete series as a spiral notebook with free shipping.

Carl Lucey: Railroad Tycoon in America

On the night he plans to propose, Carl Lucey gets dumped by the woman of his dreams. The solution? Win her back, of course! Carl sheds his image as a timid, backroom number-cruncher and strikes up a partnership with an exiled railroad operator named Howard Rex. Together, they set out to form a corporation and take on the transportation industry. Set during the dawn of the Industrial Revolution in America, Accounting Boot Camp's second series, Carl Lucey: Railroad Tycoon in America, takes readers deeper into intermediate accounting concepts and chronicles an exciting story of ambition and redemption. If you want to take your accounting knowledge a step further and continue your journey towards financial independence, Carl Lucey promises to be a wild ride. Buy the complete series as a spiral notebook with free shipping.

Queen Kassiopeia: Battle Strategist in Sparta

High-school math teacher Kassie Buckle has been magically transported to Ancient Greece! And what's worse than waking up in Sparta 500 B.C.? A horde of Persian ships approaches! Kassie needs to prove herself useful if she wants to remain in Sparta's protection. Luckily, a connection forms between Kassie and an intellectually curious Spartan Prince, who sees logic and mathematics as a way to save his people. If you've been reading along so far, you'll know that accounting is more about telling a story than simply crunching numbers, but that doesn't mean a little refresher course on mathematics won't hurt. In Accounting Boot Camp's third series, Queen Kassiopeia: Battle Strategist in Sparta, you'll get a chance to dust off those fractions and decimals and put yourself ahead of the pack. Buy the complete series as a spiral notebook with free shipping.

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Ford Jones: Talent Agent in Hollywood

Ford Jones gets offered one million dollars to quit running his own talent agency and come work for the studio. As a prior CPA, he has what it takes to the make the right financial decision; he just can't get distracted by red carpets and yacht parties along the way! In the fourth series by Accounting Boot Camp, Ford Jones: Talent Agent in Hollywood, readers will move on to more advanced accounting concepts and gain a grasp of the bigger picture. Based on the author's experience working at one of the largest talent agencies in the world, this series will challenge your business knowledge to the point where you can officially put "Accountant" on your resume. Buy the complete series as a spiral notebook with free shipping.


Whether you’ve been tasked with keeping the books for your boss or you’re a small business owner brushing up on an introduction to accounting, each installment of these stories will walk you through exactly what you need to know. Combined with our quick quizzes, these 20 page back-to-basics accounting eBooks will have you crunching numbers in no time.

Learning accounting for beginners doesn’t have to be boring. Follow Virgil Whitelaw, Carl Lucey, Ford Jones, and the rest of our cast of colorful characters on their accounting adventures in order to develop a solid foundation and give yourself a leg up at work, in class, or simply in life. We believe that knowledge is power, and if you’re looking for a fast, fun way to learn an introduction to accounting, you can count on Accounting Boot Camp.

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