Beginning Accounting

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Gain a Foundation in Accounting

Every small business owner, accountant, or individual who wants to track their personal finances can benefit from having a good understanding of basic accounting terms. With Accounting Boot Camp, learning the essentials can be exciting. We offer eBook courses that combine colorful characters in an easy-to-read, compelling story format with a solid foundation of beginning accounting.

Whether you want to learn accounting from the beginning in order to gain a better knowledge of accounting terminology or brush up on what you’ve already learned, our courses can help. We’ve designed each course to be a fast, fun way to get an introduction to basic accounting terms. Our philosophy is knowledge is power. And you’ll definitely get the accounting power you need from our courses!

Simple, Straightforward Courses

Our introductory courses are designed so anyone can easily learn accounting from the beginning. The debut series –Virgil Whitelaw: Forensic Accountant in Space – presents CPA concepts in a way that is entertaining and simple to understand. It covers essential topics, such as income statements, balance sheets, and cash flows. The course walks you through exactly what you need to know with quizzes and assessments to make sure you have a firm grip on all the need-to-know ideas.

Gain a greater understanding of basic accounting terms with help from Accounting Book Camp today! Reach out to us via email at or by phone at (949) 375-1975 to learn more about how our courses can help.