Business Mathematics

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Learn Business Mathematics With Accounting Boot Camp

Whether you’re running a small business, taking on a new role at work, or just looking to take charge of your personal finances, acquiring business mathematics skills can empower you in invaluable ways. Mathematics and accounting are at the very core of daily commerce, and a solid understanding of basic business math can help you avoid simple mistakes.

The Collection

The five ebooks that comprise the Queen Kassiopeia: Battle Strategist in Sparta series follow its characters as they travel back in time to Ancient Greece. Follow along as they help the Spartans to defeat the Persians using the same practical mathematics accountants use every day. Learn the key principles of business mathematics, including fractions, decimals, ratios, number properties, and probability as you engage with these books.

Is This For Me?

You might be thinking ‘I was never good at math’, or ‘ I’m too old to learn something new’, but Accounting Boot Camp is committed to reaching students of all ages and skill levels. We love mathematics and accounting, and we believe that, with a little help, you can discover some of that love too. We’ve created products at the beginner and intermediate levels so you can move at your own pace and target the basic business math topics with which you need the most help.

Our Philosophy

Designed with the student in mind, Accounting Boot Camp’s materials break down mathematical concepts into clear, straightforward language that anyone at any age can understand. We believe that you learn better if you’re having fun doing it. Crafted around powerful and engaging stories, our short ebooks will take your imagination for an exhilarating ride while teaching you all the important principles of business mathematics