Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the one-day Bootcamp?

Our onsite one-day bootcamp includes a 3-hour training session and a 3-hour workshop (with lunch & networking, too!).

The training will cover accounting topcs to help you better understand your business using your numbers, including:

Understanding your Balance Sheet

Financial Reporting

Budgeting and Cash Flow

During the workshop session, we'll work with you to take a deep dive into your financials and business operations.  We'll help you review your books and gives you steps to complete to get a clean set of financials for analyzing your business. 

Then, we'll follow up with you after the bootcamp to check on your progress!

Who would benefit from the Bootcamp?

Business owners who are managing their own accounting in QuickBooks and need help understanding their financials to better manage their business..

Office managers or bookkeepers who are responsible for keeping the books for their company and want to improve their knowledge of QuickBooks and understand how to analyze the financials.