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About Accounting Boot Camp
At Accounting Boot Camp, our goal is to create fun, accessible educational materials that provide people of all ages with the resources to tackle fundamental accounting, finance, and mathematics. With our library of fun, easy-to-read eBooks, anyone at any level can learn the basics and walk away with valuable knowledge in just 30 minutes or less.                                                                        
Accounting Boot Camp’s series of entertaining and engaging eBooks are for anyone who has ever found themselves feeling a little out of their comfort zone when it comes to accounting, finance, and mathematics, whether you’re taking on a tough assignment at work or trying to get your personal finances in order. When it comes to refreshing your memory or advancing your skill set, you can count on Accounting Boot Camp.  
About the Author

Jameson Galey is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the State of California, has an entrepreneurship degree from USC's Marshall School of Business, an Accounting Certificate from UCLA Extension, and works full time as a Director of Finance.


About the Illustrator

Jonathan Herzog is a freelance illustrator who works with international clients to create projects like Accounting Boot Camp and beyond. He’s probably drawing the moment you’re reading this. His work can be found at jonherzogartist.com.