Ratios Quiz


1. A ratio is essentially a...

        A) Multiplication problem

        B) Division problem


2. Solving for an unknown variable, X, means...

        A) Getting that variable by itself on one side of the equation

        B) Setting one side of the equation equal to zero



1B, 2A



1. If 15 Spartan warriors are capable of defeating 40 Persian warriors, will an army of 100,000 Spartan warriors defeat an army of 250,000 Persian warriors?

2. If Company X has 750,000 employees working in the United States, and this makes up 37.5% of Company X's total workforce—how many employees does Company X employ?

3. Cindy typed memo A in two minutes, while Joe typed memo A in seven minutes. If Cindy types memo B in five minutes, how long will it take Joe?

4. If 10 out of every 25 Spartans are over six feet tall, how many Spartans will be over six feet tall in army of 100,000 soldiers?

5. If a Spartan warrior can run 25 miles in 5 hours, how many minutes does it take him to run one mile?



1. 100,000 Spartans are equal to 266,667 Persian warriors; so yes, the Spartan army will win.


2. (.375)X = 750,000

X = 750,000 ÷ .375

X = 2,000,000





(10/25) = .40

.40(100,000) = 40,000